How to Pack Parcels When Sending Overseas ?

When it comes to sending parcels anywhere around the world it is essential they are packed properly to reduce the chance of damage when en route. Especially when sending parcels abroad though, you should take extra care in arranging their delivery as they will be travelling such a long way. One of the best ways to ensure they will be handled properly is to use courier services, but for extra comfort packing them safely is a good idea as well.

Use the Right Packaging

Depending on the shape and size of the items you are wanting to send abroad, certain packaging materials will be more appropriate. Padded envelopes are ideal for small items with sharp edges and odd shapes, while solid cardboard boxes are better for larger items or when sending a few products together. These are both better than simply wrapping it in brown paper.

Cushion the Item

Especially for glass and other delicate items, they should not touch other items or the sides of the box when packaged up. Use cushioning materials such as bubble wrap or polystyrene chips/peanuts to protect them when in transit. Some special boxes and packaging materials can be found that include a layer of cushioning on the inside, such as padded envelopes.

Add Extra Protection

It is important that all parcels are securely taped up to avoid anything falling out or the items inside the package breaking out. Seal all the edges with nylon or vinyl tape, covering any staples or metal fastenings with it too, to prevent couriers and other carriers injuring themselves when the parcel is in transit. If the package is really delicate it can be worth putting it in two boxes or double wrapping it.

Label Correctly

Labelling all parcels being sent abroad correctly is a necessity to ensure it reaches the right destination on time. Carefully copy the address down and make sure it meets the standards of the country being shipped to, adding a return address should anything go wrong. Use a fragile sticker if you feel necessary, but it may not have much impact.

Consider the Weight

It is the weight of the parcel that has the greatest effect on the price of sending it, so consider this before stuffing it full of extra cushioning materials. This will improve its safety but can also increase the price. Make the most of all these tips when sending important parcels to friends, family and customers overseas.