How To Make Your Ecommerce Packaging a Success

Packaging is no longer considered just a way to get a product from your facility to your customer’s door. Now, it’s an experience. Consumers are done with the days of having a flood of styrofoam peanuts hit their floor and getting a huge box with tons of bubble wrap and one tiny product in the bottom. Unboxing your package should be like opening a present from that friend that’s really good at wrapping gifts. Like getting cookies from Grandma, sent with love.

So, how do you go about achieving such greatness? Here are the steps you can take to make receiving your ecommerce package as exciting and fun as cookies from Grandma.

Guide to Ecommerce Packaging


How do you want your parcel to look? Will it feature any certain brand colors? Inserts? Stickers? Will items be wrapped individually, or be placed in the box unwrapped? Thinking about how you want your box to look overall will help you through the next steps, and will help to create a consistent and cohesive brand.


This is where you may want to think about bringing in the experts. There are many inside-the-box materials with different looks, protective benefits, cost points, sustainability and more. Depending on the look that you want to achieve, a packaging expert can consult with you to help you figure out which material(s) beyond your initial wrapping you’ll want to go with. You’ll also want to think about your outside-the-box packaging, such as tape. If you’re a high-volume shipper, for instance, you’ll want to consider a case sealer or other tape machine that simplifies the process.


Just because you’ve chosen a material doesn’t mean your cookies from Grandma mission is over. Process is just as important as the materials! Anyone who packages products will need to learn about the new material(s), and any new machinery or tools that go with it. Proper training is necessary and can make a huge difference in your bottom line! For instance, if one person is using 25% more packaging per box than is necessary, just think how much that can add up over time. You can also get different people packaging differently, which you want to avoid for brand consistency.