How to package chocolates

We live in an era where everyone is connected with technology and consumer products from around the world can be delivered straight to the doorstep.However, even with convenience of online shopping, many feel the need to make their own products at home. Some do it as a hobby, some do it for prepping, and some do it for health. One of the most common ways people make their own products at home is through food preservation, usually in the form of canning (e.g. veggies from the garden). However, there is a growing group of folks taking their home food preservation beyond the healthy stuff and instead are trying to make and store their own chocolates. So, if you’re one of those sweet tooths keen on hoarding a supply of homemade chocolates, here are some rules regarding how to package chocolates.

Rules on how to package and store chocolates

  • Rule #1 Keep it cool

Remember, chocolate melts! The easiest way to store chocolate for the long-term at home is to keep it is a refrigerator. If you don’t keep your chocolate in the fridge, you run the very real risk of having it melt, even in the coolest area of the coolest room.

  • Rule #2 Protect it from rodents

Rodents are notorious for destroying hoards of chocolate. Like the recommendation in Rule #1, keeping your chocolate in a fridge will protect it from rodent raids!

  • Use the right packaging material

Packaging for shipping

Just like the chocolates you buy at the store, consider wrapping your chocolate pieces in a foil wrap.  No need to box it unless you plan on shipping the chocolate to a friend. At which point, your packaging needs become much more complicated and include boxing, bubble wrap, mylar bags, etc.  Here is a good blog post that touches upon that aspect of packaging.


In conclusion, packaging chocolate for home storage isn’t too challenging so long as you take advantage of the cooling and protecting power of a fridge.  However, if you plan on shipping chocolate, you need to be extra vigilant in the way you package chocolate, which is why I suggest checking out the linked blog mentioned in the last paragraph for instructions on how to do that.

Now go eat some chocolate!