What Employees Are Saying on Glass Door

Ever look at a company and think, "I wonder what the employees there truly think of their boss? Do they like the company they work for or not?"

GlassDoor.com has the answer. The online review site has been allowing employees current and past to post anonymous reviews about their organizations, management teams, and CEOs.

If the company you are interested in researching is of any respectable size, chances are you can find some employees who have spilled the beans about the organization. That being said, it isn't just a place for ticked off, disgruntled employees to air their grievances. It's an online forum to talk about the good and bad aspects of working at a company.

There's actually some really good, constructive criticism on Glass Door. Here are some examples of what we are talking about:

Nike reviews. The majority of 2,195 Nike employees who have hopped on GlassDoor.com seem to really like the company they work for. Overall, they give Nike 3.9 out of 5 stars. They give their CEO, Mark Parker, a 93% approval score. here's a sampling of what employees say:

• Pros: "Some good benefits - discounted product, lots of PTO once you've put in a few years, ESPP and profit share/match are great. Great child care centers. Flexible work hours and telecommuting available. Lots of lip service to work/life balance - in the right group you may even experience it (I do). Casual atmosphere and culture."

• Cons: "pay compensation is less compared to other competitors, takes time on immigration process, career growth is limited"

Pottery Barn reviews. This company doesn't do so well on GalssDoor.com. Employees only give it 2.9 stars, and the CEO, Laura Alber, has only a 47% approval score. Take a look at what some of the employees have to say:

• Pros: "Love the culture that Pottery barn promotes. Love being able to make lasting connections with guests with something that is dear to me." "The company had fair and competitive salaries and acceptable benefit packages."

• Cons: "This company lacks work/life balance for employees. They do not believe in working remotely when commuting is a major part of most employees lives. They don't value employees for what they contribute to the company instead the CEO believes employees should be grateful they have a job with WSI."

Melaleuca reviews. This is another company that gets generally great reviews on GlassDoor.com. Employees give the company 4 stars, while CEO Frank VanderSloot has an 82% approval score. Here a a few employee comments:

• Pros: "Amazing culture, love the time freedom." "You'll obtain skills that will be useful in your career. The home office is pretty nice."

• Cons: "Not very much opportunities to move up." "A little disconnect in between HR and depts."