Quality Packaging; driving customer engagement by creating a packaging experience

Packaging is often an afterthought; it is viewed as something that is only necessary to deliver an item. It really makes a difference when the packaging is a pleasure to open. It can really create a lasting impression.

It is this impression that drives the feeling you have towards the item within the package. This is why we are seeing companies that are requiring us to create a packaging experience on their behalf.

Value adding unpacking experience

The rise of e-commerce has created a new

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The Perfect Package: Feet on the ground and the World Wide Web

We understand how important our customers are to us, but most importantly how those customers vary massively from company to company or person-to-person. This provides us with a challenge of creating a service that is flexible and accessible for all clients’ requirements.

External sales force (our feet on the ground)

There is nothing new here within the packaging industries, to have an external sales team used to be common practice. These days, with a lot of the online packaging companies, they rely solely on their online

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Printed Tape Shop

Packaging Supplies have a standard range of low noise polypropylene printed tapes that are pre-printed with the words ‘Caution’, ‘Handle with care’ or ‘Fragile’.

Packaging Supplies can also arrange for tape to be printed with your own wording or company logo for a minimum of 2 boxes (72 rolls)

“Only close attention to the fine details of any operation makes the operation first class.”

Successful brands are made on attention to detail. Getting your company name or logo printed on tape, is a tool to

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